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Growth Groups

Growth Groups are vital for connecting with others in the church family and together growing as followers of Jesus. So, we really encourage everyone to be involved in one. We can’t know everyone in the church at a deeper level, so Growth Groups give us a smaller context in which we can love and care for each other.

Growth as a follower of Jesus happens as we engage with what God has to say to us in the Bible, as we spend time in prayer together, as we support each other personally and practically, and as we seek to share the great news about Jesus with others who need to hear it. So that’s our goal for Growth Groups. It’s all about what’s called “discipleship.”

Growth Groups meet throughout the week at a time that’s convenient for each group.


Blast-off caters for school-aged kids up to about grade 6, meeting at the church every second Friday, from 5.30 to 7.30pm, during school terms. There’s time for games, fun, and food, but the main goal is to provide a safe and caring context in which kids can get to know Jesus – who he is, what he’s done, and what it means to live life for him. We learn those things by studying the Bible, which is how God makes himself known.

Craft Group

A range of activities are undertaken by the craft group, many of which are directed towards various charitable causes. This includes trauma teddies for the Red Cross, quilts and blankets for the aged and unwell, sanitary items for women and girls in the third world, hosting the World’s Biggest Morning Tea for cancer research, and more.

The craft group meets on Wednesday mornings from 10am to 12pm, at the church.