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We meet every Sunday at 9.30am at 74 Marsden Rd, St Marys for a worship service.*

Check out our previous services on YouTube.

After our services, we serve coffee and tea with a bite to eat, which gives the opportunity for some good conversation, including to get to know you if you’re visiting.

God, who made everything, is great and powerful, so we strive to have a sense of that in our worship. At the same time, God has reached out to us in his love and that’s cause for immense joy, so we aim for a joyful atmosphere in our worship too. In our services, we usually spend time singing (although not currently, due to Coronavirus restrictions), and praying, and learning together as the Bible is taught – these are all ways in which we relate to God.

During our services, we have the following programs to specifically cater for children:

  • There’s a Kids Talk in the early part of most services, which typically explains to the kids the main point of what we’ll be learning from the Bible later in the service.
  • We want kids to have the chance to learn about who God is and what he’s done through Jesus – it’s good news for everybody! So, after the Kids Talk, kids aged 3–11 can go to Sunday School to learn from the Bible in an interactive and age-appropriate way. Our teachers and volunteers all maintain current Working with Children Checks.

* We also meet for services at 9.30am on both Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day, since those days mark significant events in the Christian story.

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